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Randolph Bright - "Rachelle has been exceptionally attentive to my needs in search of a home. She’s forthcoming and transparent especially in this day and age having to shop via web and not knowing what to expect of these properties. She’ll always be my go to person for future homes."

Kimmie Ann Nagye - "Love this vet wife! She is the real deal, complete package! Yes, she is beautiful, but she is more than that! I would trust her with my family without hesitation. Sales is not an area all of us like, so I will say this, SHE IS NOT FAKE. This lady cares for strangers as her own. You would be a fool not to contact her.."

Pierce Millikan -"The best find for a realtor in Uptown area of Dallas. Worked with Rachelle Rannigan in securing an apartment. Quite knowledgeable, organized and extremely professional. Highly recommend her service. Within 24 hours of initial contact, she provided us with the necessary information we needed for our apartment search. In one afternoon in Dallas, we found the perfect living arrangements. An enormous amount of gratitude to Rachelle!"